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Who I help and who I am

When I started this business in 2012 and people asked me ‘What do you do?’ I replied: ‘I used to be the Managing Director of Cornwall & Devon Media and now I do lots of things’

Not a great answer!

Now when they ask I describe what I do as follows:

Sales & Marketing Strategic Advisor

I help established growing businesses make the most of their sales and marketing activity with a particular focus on attracting and retaining customers. Essentially I fill a gap the business needs an experienced senior sales & marketing executive but isn’t quite ready to invest in a full time one. Depending on the needs of the company I dedicate between 1 and 3 days a month to each company I work for in this role.

Five Questions I am asked by potential clients:

1. What would I do for them? 

Usually it is mix of advice, direction and help with implementation. For some clients I focus just on Marketing, for others just on Sales, for some it is both. Overall I’m looking to bring energy and momentum to the companies I work with.

2. How does it work?

I dedicate between 1 and 3 days a month to each business, that time though is very flexible so I’m thinking about our working on each business most days to some degree. I don’t say ‘your day is the third Thursday of each month’ That means I can be reactive to the needs of the business.

3. Who do I work with within the hiring company?

Usually a combination of the MD and the sales & marketing teams. I visit each business I work with at least once a month and unlike other ‘consultants’ I like to be hands on helping to get things done that influence the revenues the company generates.

4. Are there companies I don’t work with? 

I aim to work with companies who have been established for at least 5 years, who have a turnover of £1m+, who are ambitious for growth and who want to energise their sales & marketing activity. I’m not therefore looking to work with start up businesses.

5. How much does my service cost?

My fees are £540, £870 or £1190 per month (+vat) depending on the needs of the business and the subsequent time I need to devote to it.

Sales and Presentation Training & Coaching

‘Sell More’ is for individuals and companies who are looking to grow sales, re-energise their sales effort, implement some new sales ideas. Sell More revolves around the concept that ‘selling’ today is about making it easy for customers to buy.

‘Deliver Awesome Presentations’ helps people become confident and competent presenters and speakers, giving them advice on structure, content, use of Powerpoint, and helping them overcome delivery nerves.

Each programme runs as a half or full day and it is always designed to suit the needs of the business hiring me.

All programmes assume the hiring company provide the venue and refreshments.

Programmes fees are:

Full day : £775 +vat  – Half Day : £575 +vat  – One to One : £335 +vat

(Fees exclude travel costs of 45p per mile beyond 40 miles of TR1 2DH and any overnight accommodation costs)

About Me

Before setting up Trevor Lee Media in September 2012 I was lucky enough to work for Northcliffe Media – at the time one of the UK’s largest regional press companies – for 29 years being part of huge growth in the 1990’s, the onset of the digital era in the 2000’s and the beginnings of regional media transformation.

Starting out as an ad sales rep I progressed through to sales manager, sales director, commercial director, sales & marketing director and ultimately managing director working with some great people at various regional media businesses owned by Northcliffe.

I’m an active Park runner and play county cricket for Cornwall’s senior team.

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To start a conversation about I can help you or your business please call me on 07785 390717 or email me via

I look forward to working with you.

Trevor Lee

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