Trevor Lee

A brief history...

My first proper job was selling ads for the Lincolnshire Echo. I applied for the job because I thought it was a foot in the door to help me achieve my real ambition – to be the Echo’s football writer for Lincoln City FC!

When I turned up on day one I had no idea what the job entailed but I quickly realised how much I loved the customer interaction and the feeling of achieving a sale!

I was keen to learn and progress and over the next 29 years I moved around the UK with the Northcliffe group becoming sales manager, sales director, commercial director and managing director in roles in Retford, Swansea and Cornwall. I failed though to make it to the football writing department!

I left in 2012 when Northcliffe decided to sell its regional press assets. I had always had a desire to run my now business but never an excuse to do it. When Northcliffe flashed a cheque it was too good a chance to miss!

On September 17th Trevor Lee Media Ltd was up and running. I remember receiving no emails on day 1 – imagine that a day with no emails – bliss!


Trevor Lee

At the time of leaving I noted the areas of experience I had gathered over 29 years: Advertising, Sales, Presenting/Speaking and Leadership and decided that was what I would do. My elevator pitch (which I now realise was total garbage) was : ‘I used to be MD for CDM and now I do lots of things’ – no wonder companies were falling over themselves beating a path to my door!

After a couple bits of nice work straight away from the old company and a family connection Christmas 2012 arrived and departed and my revenues for the first 4 months were a grand total of £180! That’s £45 per month – just over £10 per week. I was killing it!

Fast forward to 2021 and I’m focusing on helping businesses and individuals deliver better, confident, more successful presentations and sales pitches and as a consequence drive more revenues. I’ve also become an ultra runner completing the 2021 44 mile Classic Quarter and rising in excess of £7000 for the Children’s Hospice South West. 

I’ve got lots of plans for 2021 and beyond including:

  • Growing the Better Presentations More Sales podcast
  • Sorting out my You Tube channel
  • Offering some sort of subscription service based on sales and presenting
  • Finishing my first book: ‘Business lessons from running 44@60’
  • Finishing my second book: ‘How to deliver better, more confident, more successful presentations and sales pitches
  • Promoting my first on-line course
  • Creating other on-line courses

Just the odd project to keep me busy!

If you want to have a chat about how I can help you and your business
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Check out these short videos to learn more about what I offer:

First up the overall summary:

And here's how I can up-skill and inspire your sales people....

And how I can help you win more key presentations and sales pitches....

And in between all of this I did some running.....

Running 44 @ 60

On May 22nd 2021 I ran  44 miles along the Cornish Coastal path in an event called The Classic Quarter.

Its called the Classic Quarter because its a quarter of the compass from Lizard Point – the most southerly point in the UK – to Lands End – the most westerly.

I’m had a target to raise £100 a mile so £4400 in total for the Music Therapy programme at the Children’s Hospice South West.

The success of business  workshops and the generosity fo numerous individuals resulted in  total of £600 or £150 per mile. 

The ‘Running 44@60’ podcast  tracked my journey which had started at a business event in February 2019. Here’s the link to the 44@60 page on this website and here’s the link to the 44@60 podcast which continues on offering tips and advice to would be runners. 

And I've played a bit of cricket....

Playing for Cornwall...

I’ve been lucky enough to represent Cornwall at senior cricket level one 70 times. 

One of our most recent memorable matches was playing Durham away in the O60s Vase competition. We flew from Newquay to Newcastle and we won the match! 

Cricket is a great team game played by a group of individuals – a lot like business in that sense!