Trevor Lee

A brief history...

My first proper job was selling ads for the Lincolnshire Echo. I applied for the job because I thought it was a foot in the door to help me achieve my real ambition – to be the Echo’s football writer for Lincoln City FC!

When I turned up on day one I had no idea what the job entailed but I quickly realised how much I loved the customer interaction and the feeling of achieving a sale!

I was keen to learn and progress and over the next 29 years I moved around the UK with the Northcliffe group becoming sales manager, sales director, commercial director and managing director in roles in Retford, Swansea and Cornwall. I failed though to make it to the football writing department!

I left in 2012 when Northcliffe decided to sell its regional press assets. I had always had a desire to run my now business but never an excuse to do it. When Northcliffe flashed a cheque it was too good a chance to miss!

On September 17th Trevor Lee Media Ltd was up and running. I remember receiving no emails on day 1 – imagine that a day with no emails – bliss!


Trevor Lee
Trevor Lee

At the time of leaving I noted the areas of experience I had gathered over 29 years: Advertising, Sales, Presenting/Speaking and Leadership and decided that was what I would do. My elevator pitch (which I now realise was total garbage) was : ‘I used to be MD for CDM and now I do lots of things’ – no wonder companies were falling over themselves beating a path to my door!

After a couple bits of nice work straight away from the old company and a family connection Christmas 2012 arrived and departed and my revenues for the first 4 months were a grand total of £180! That’s £45 per month – just over £10 per week. I was killing it!

My first ‘retained’ client was secured on May 1st 2013 – Newquay garden Centre managing their advertising for £195 per month. I was flying!

Businesses started thinking I was a marketing whizzo so in the early years I was working as a marketing advisor as well as starting to deliver in-person workshops.

2018 was a big year revenue wise but also a realisation that I needed to make some big decisions if I was to get some more focus. Lots of people do advertising/marketing and I was hardly the expert so I parted company at the end of 2018 with 3 regular clients for whom I did advertising / marketing stuff.

It was a big call as all 3 were great to work with and paid well and on time. So big business lesson – sometimes you have to give stuff up to create space for new ideas / new stuff.

My focus shifted to Sales and Presentations with a desire to tie the 2 together in a unique way. I renamed my podcast to ‘The sales & Presentation Podcast’

And then in March 2020 Covid 19 arrived and resulted in another big shift. I joke that I had a Zoom paid account for 2 years and used in twice. Now was the opportunity to take my services entirely digital.

And that’s where I am today offering fewer but more focused services around Sales & Presenting with an increasing move to bring them together – the podcast is now called ‘Better Presentations More Sales ‘.

I think myself as being very lucky. I have a lot of fun doing what I do. I’m constantly aiming to enhance and improve it and make it more accessible.

For 2021 I’m planning to launch an online Presenting programme, complete a Presenting book and set up sales academy to help youngsters get jobs in sales.

If you want to have a chat about how I can help you and your business
let’s book a no obligation 15-20 minute Zoom call.

Check out these short videos to learn more about what I offer:

First up the overall summary:

And here's how I can up-skill and inspire your sales people....

And how I can help you win more key presentations and sales pitches....

And in between all this I'm doing some running.....

Running 44 @ 60

On May 22nd 2021 I am running 44 miles along the Cornish Coastal path in an event called The Classic Quarter.

Its called the Classic Quarter because its a quarter of the compass from Lizard Point – the most southerly point in the UK – to Lands End – the most westerly.

I’m looking to raise £100 a mile so £4400 in total.

My plan is to run workshops which have a fee of £44 (+vat) and last 60 minutes – note the 44@60 connection.

There’s a podcast that goes with this – here’s the link – and I’ll be launching details of the seminars here soon along with details of which I’m going to fundraise for.