Sales Transformation

6 or 12 month Transformation Programme

This is for businesses of all sizes who:

  • Are ambitious for revenue growth whilst recognising the need for a transformational, forward thinking, strategic approach to sales.
  • Need their sales activity challenging and re-energising whilst enhancing the sales, communication, presenting and negotiating skills of those responsible for sales.
  • Would benefit from having an experienced director level sales expert deliver and drive the transformation programme.

How does the transformation programme work? 

I work alongside the CEO/MD/Partners, other senior personnel and those responsible for sales to help drive revenue growth over a 6 or 12 month period depending on the size of the company and its revenue growth needs.

My role will be to challenge you to transform your sales activities, use of sales resources and management of customer relationships.

I would encourage you to hold a monthly sales meeting (which I could chair) to ensure all those involved in creating sales transformation set and agree the plans and strategy for the following quarter.

My time spent with your sales team could include dual calling, customer spend analysis and delivering any up-skilling and development needs.

Click on the download button below to see more details and get a feel for how this programme could transform your sales activity. 

Sales Transformation Advisor

This is for businesses who need ongoing sales support at a senior level.  Companies who hire me to fill this role will benefit from:

  • The experience and expertise of a sales director without any significant overheads
  • My Ideas, Energy, Enthusiasm, Business Thinking and Inspiration
  • Committing to only 1,2 or 3 days a month
  • Having a one month rolling agreement so no long term signed contracts 


'Sell More' - sales training programme

A sales training programme that:

  • re-energises, inspires and motivates  your sales team or those responsible for sales
  • challenges your team and your company to generate more sales
  • helps your sales team spot, create and seize opportunities
  • shows them how to generate sales without ‘selling’ by understanding buyers and the buying process
  • helps you organisation identify and remove barriers that prevent customers buying from you
  • shows you how to win more sales pitches
  • teaches you to become a more skilled sales negotiator
  • gives sales confidence to those responsible for sales, if you don’t have a dedicated sales team, who don’t like the idea of ‘selling’

The ‘Sell More’ sales training programme is ideal for:

  • Established sales teams who need re-energising, new ideas, challenging on their current sales activity and to generate sales growth.
  • Companies who don’t have a dedicated sales team but who need to ‘win’ more business – converting incoming enquiries, delivering sales pitches, making outbound calls, following up marketing leads.
  • Professional Services companies who need to ‘sell’ but don’t see themselves as ‘salespeople’ and perhaps don’t like the idea of ‘selling’.

We will use various grids during the sales training programme to ensure lots of interaction including my CROPS sales circle which focuses on 5 key sales skills:

Connection – starting a conversation with the right person, enhancing your people skills, making a good first impression, asking better questions, thinking customer first you second.

Relationship – understanding even in a digital age that people buy from people, using networking and Linked In to develop relationships. The role knowledge and attitude play.

Opportunity – observing, listening and being ready when an opportunity arises. You never know who you might be talking to. Seeing existing customers as a source of new business.

Pitch/Proposal – making it easy for someone to say yes. The importance of preparation and practice. Seeing ‘no’ as a positive and handling those who ‘want to think about it’.

Success – asking for/gaining the order. Letting the buyer buy! Knowing when to ‘shut up’! Celebrating success and finding out why the buyer bought from you.


To fix up a no obligation meeting please call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via