Sales Transformation Advisor

This is for businesses of all sizes who:

  • Are looking for ideas, advice and help to transform sales over the next 1-3 years.
  • Wish to re-focus and re-energise their sales activity and sales teams.
  • Are keen to ensure they spot and seize all sales opportunities.
  • Don’t have but would benefit from access to an experienced senior sales manager /director without the overheads of a full time position.

How does the sales transformation advisory role work?

I work alongside the CEO/MD/Partners, other senior personnel and those responsible for sales to help drive revenue growth for the equivalent of 1,2 or 3 days a month depending on the size of the company and its revenue growth needs.

My role will be to challenge you to transform your sales activities, use of sales resources and management of customer relationships.

I would encourage you to hold a monthly or quarterly sales meeting (which I could chair) to ensure all those involved in creating sales transformation set and agree the plans and strategy for the following quarter.

My time spent with your sales team could include dual calling, customer spend analysis and delivering any training needs


To fix up a no obligation meeting please call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via

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Sales Transformation 3 Step Programme

This transformation programme is ideal for businesses:

  • Who need a freshened up and re-energised strategic approach to sales in order to make the next big step forward.
  • Who need a shake up of their day to day sales activity in terms of ideas, drive, use of resources and the customer experience.
  • Who want the benefit of the input of someone with high level sales experience and expertise without a significant overhead or long term commitment.

'Sell More' - sales training programme

A sales training programme that:

  • re-energises your sales team
  • challenges you to generate more sales
  • helps you spot, create and seize opportunities
  • shows you how to generate sales without ‘selling’
  • helps you identify and remove barriers that prevent customers buying
  • shows you how to win more sales pitches
  • teaches you to become a more skilled sales negotiator
  • gives sales confidence to those responsible for sales, if you don’t have a dedicated sales team, who don’t like the idea of ‘selling’

The ‘Sell More’ sales training programme is ideal for:

  • Companies who don’t have a dedicated sales team but who need to ‘win’ more business – converting incoming enquiries, delivering sales pitches, making outbound calls, following up marketing leads.
  • Established sales teams who need re-energising, new ideas, challenging on their current sales activity and to generate sales growth.
  • Professional Services companies who need to ‘sell’ but don’t see themselves as ‘salespeople’ and perhaps don’t like the idea of ‘selling’.


To fix up a no obligation meeting please call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via