sales pitch and interaction training to help you grow sales

Sales Pitches, Demo’s, Presentations, Meetings, Zoom Calls, Phone Calls…all golden opportunities to gain business. 

To turn those opportunities into revenue you need to prepare, plan and practice both your pitching/presenting and sales skills .

Don’t though hope for the best or leave it to chance, make sure you’ve got the skills to significantly increase your chances of success.

I can help you via the three different approaches detailed below – but before you commit please book a free 15-20 Zoom call with me to make sure I’m the right person to work with you and your team. 

Sales Training Key Skills - Pitching, Negotiating, Communicating ....


These sessions focus on a single sales skill. Ideal for those looking to get better quickly at a key sales skill. Full details below.

  • For up to 20 participants
  • 90 minutes via Zoom
  • Sales Skills focus of your choice (see below)
  • Fast paced, focused, interactive, engaging
  • Mini e-book summary of key tips and ideas
  • Copies of key grids and diagrams used
  • Checklist of key points to implement
  • 10 minute session summary video
  • 45 minute review, revisit, remind session with delegates 3-4 weeks later
  • 30 minute follow up with management to discuss keeping momentum going

Your Investment: £870 +vat 

Sales Pitch Training for your sales teams


A three session interactive programme designed for your particular sales pitch and sales interaction business needs.

  • For up to 20 participants
  • 3 x 75 minutes – 1 week apart – via Zoom
  • Content built around your sales needs
  • Fast paced, focused, interactive, engaging
  • Mini e-book summary for each session
  • Copies of key grids and diagrams used
  • 10-15 minute session summary video
  • Checklist of key points to implement
  • 45 minute review, revisit, remind session with delegates 3-4 weeks later
  • 30-45 minute follow up with management to discuss keeping momentum going

Your investment: £1870 +vat 

One to One sales coaching for business people


Sales coaching can be invaluable. This is an opportunity to up-skill and pick up tips and ideas to use everyday in sales or sales leadership.

  • 45 minutes via Zoom – ideal for:
  • Sales Directors and  Sales Managers
  • Sales People – Experienced & New
  • Business Owners responsible for sales
  • The purpose of the coaching is to help you achieve your sales goals and personal development ambitions
  • Highly interactive, lots of tips, ideas, challenges
  • No sign up
  • No minimum number of sessions – although 3 is recommended

Your investment: £87 +vat per session

Looking for a specialist business skill
training session
for your team?

How many ‘training days’ or even ‘half days’ really work? I suspect you might say not many. 

Why is that? 

Short attention spans? Laboured delivery? Uninteresting content? 

I’m on a mission to liven training up. Make it have long lasting impact, be memorable and create momentum that is sustained. 

That’s why I’ve created these specialist 90 minute action packed, fast paced sessions. Book your free 15-20 Zoom call to discuss further now. 

need to fill the gap if you haven't got a
sales/commercial director?

Ideal for SME’s looking for senior level revenue generation experience and expertise without the overheads 

I can help you formulate and implement revenue generation plans and strategies

I work with Owners, Directors and Partners to help drive revenue generation

I'll work with you for the equivalent of two days per month with no long term contract or agreement beyond an initial 3 months

Your Investment: £1075 +vat per month

Why invest in outside sales help?

Hugely Cost Effective: Imagine how much you would need to invest if you had a full time experienced Sales Director – not just a significant salary but holidays, pension, sick pay, bonus, etc…

With this gap filling service you enjoy the input, ideas, expertise of that Sales Director level person but for a fixed monthly fee.

Fresh Eyes: It is very easy in any business to focus so much on the day to day you forget to stand back and take a look from the outside in, creating the opportunity to see just what the business looks like to an outsider, and in particular to a customer. I’ll ensure you don’t fall into the trap of being so reactive to what is going on today you forget to be proactive in planning for what’s going to happen or need to happen tomorrow. 

Challenge: Who in your company is the sales activity and process challenger? The person who asks: ‘Why are you doing that?’ ‘How can do you that better?’ ‘Is that really how customers want to interact/buy from you?’

Profile Boost: Having an experienced sales expert on board says a lot about your ambition. That will get noticed by potential customers, future team members and investors, as well as being a boost for your existing team.

Momentum Generation: One of the keys to sales success is momentum. Momentum in attracting new customers, momentum through the sales process, momentum with existing customers. One of the key aspects of this role is to help you generate and sustain sales momentum.

No long term sign up: For the gap filling role our agreement will be for 3 months after which either of us can conclude our working together by giving the other party one month’s notice.

No competitive clashes: I only work with one organisation in any one sector at any one time. That enables me to focus entirely on helping you accelerate your sales faster than your competitors, be more fleet of foot than them, and make your customer interactions significantly better than there’s.

whether it is sales training or a sales director gap you need filling it is important you hire someone who you think will be able to work effectively with you and your team
that's why i always advise a zoom call before you commit

Please click the button below to book a no obligation 15-20 minute Zoom call with me

Here's a bit about me...

I started my sales career in 1983 selling advertising for the Lincolnshire Echo. I knew nothing about sales and only joined the ad department as I thought it would help me get a job on the sports desk. I quickly discovered that I loved the sales job helping a wide of variety of businesses use advertising to attract customers and ultimately grow sales.

Within a year I was promoted to the top sales territory and after 2 years I won a place on a trainee sales manager programme. I was 25 when I became a sales manager and my career would take me into sales director, commercial director, and managing director roles before after 29 years in the local media sector I had the opportunity to set up my own consultancy in 2012.

I love the variety working as a consultant brings. I learn so much that I am able to pass on and help my clients utilise. It is hugely rewarding helping businesses at all levels grow sales. I look forward to helping you become one of them.

Trevor Lee