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Sales Training

‘Sell More’

A sales training programme that challenges you to generate more sales

How easy is it to buy from your company or organisation?

Does your sales activity need re-energising?

Are you spotting, creating and then seizing sales opportunities?

Are you good at winning sales pitches?

Do you like the idea of selling?

It is reckoned that 70% of customers decide which product or service to buy and who to buy it from before they have any direct contact with a company or outlet. 

‘Selling is about helping people to buy’ – this is the mantra the ‘Sell More’ programme revolves around. Whilst customers and potential customers need advice and ‘steerage’ generally they don’t like to feel that they are being sold to, they much prefer to feel that they are making the buying decision. 

The days of ‘pushy’ salespeople are over and today’s salesperson (particularly in the business to business sector) is better at listening than talking, is good at asking questions, confirming and clarifying, and offering knowledge and expertise where needed.

The ‘Sell More’ programme is ideal for:

  • Companies who don’t have a dedicated sales team but who need to ‘win’ more business – converting incoming enquiries, delivering sales pitches, making outbound calls,  following up marketing leads.
  • Established sales teams who need re-energising, new ideas, challenging on their current sales activity and to generate sales growth.
  • Business people, particularly those who offer professional services, who need to ‘sell’ but don’t see themselves as ‘salespeople’ and perhaps don’t like the idea of ‘selling’

The programme revolves around my 5 step sales model : CROPS 

Connectionstarting a conversation with the right person, enhancing your people skills, making a good first impression, asking great questions, thinking customer first you second.

Relationshipunderstanding even in a digital age people buy from people, using networking and Linked In to develop relationships. The role knowledge and attitude play.

Opportunityobserving, listening and being ready when an opportunity arises. You never know who you might be talking to. Seeing existing customers as a source of new business.

Pitch/Proposalmaking it easy for someone to say yes. The importance of preparation and practice. Seeing ‘no’ as a positive and handling those who ‘want to think about it’.

Successasking for/gaining the order. Letting the buyer buy! Knowing when to ‘shut up’! Celebrating success and finding out why the buyer bought from you. 

‘Sell More’ comes in two formats:

1. Interactive/Intensive Morning Session: 9.30am to 1pm

The outcomes include:

Tips and ideas to grow sales

A plan to implement them including identifying and removing sales barriers 

Recognising that people buy from people

An energised/inspired/confident team

Ways to win more sales pitches 

Each programme is tailored to the needs of the delegates whether they be dedicated sales people, office based sales or those responsible for sales who don’t see themselves as ‘salespeople’

This is a highly interactive session with lots of opportunity for discussion and working on ideas that can be put into action.

2. Morning Session with Afternoon Scenario Practice: 9.30am to 4.30pm

In addition to the morning session, as described above, this session involves the bespoke creation of relevant and appropriate sales scenarios which the delegates would practice delivering in the afternoon.  

This could involve negotiations, handling objections, sales pitches or presentations, or handling difficult buyers. I would work with the company to establish precisely what is needed and create the scenarios accordingly.

This is ‘simulated learning’ in a challenging but realistic as possible environment.

Your Investment:

Fees include all preparation and planning, course materials, places for up to 10 delegates and travel within 85 miles of TR1 2DH*

£770 +vat for the morning only programme

£1170+vat for the full day programme. 

The fee assumes the host company provides a venue, refreshments and a light lunch for the day programme. 

*Travel beyond 85 miles of TR1 2DH is charged at 45p+vat per mile. 

One to One Sales Training

An individual two or three session programme designed to help individuals :

Become more confident in their approach to sales 

Understand techniques and tips for generating sales 

Build relationships and spot sales opportunities 

Developing the skills of asking questions, listening, confirming and clarifying

Sessions are usually around 90 minutes and 2-3 weeks apart. Depending on client location the training will usually be delivered via Video link. 

Your investment: 

Two sessions – £335 +vat 

Three sessions – £475 +vat

So why hire Trevor Lee?

1. Experience & Expertise – I have over 30 years of senior sales & business experience at director level including running my own business for the last six years during which I have helped a variety of companies grow sales through sales training programmes.

2. Ideas & Enthusiasm – I will bring to your business via the training programme an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, insight, business sense, imagination, enthusiasm, clear thinking and excellent communication skills.

3. Interactive Style – I aim to make all my training programmes a fun learning experience which delegates will enjoy. They are highly interactive in order to ensure delegates remain engaged throughout.

4. Learning Outcomes – The CROPS sales skills model is easy to follow and implement ensuring delegates can utilise it immediately on their return to the day job. 

5. Follow Up – The programme involves the opportunity for managers to receive feedback from me on a per delegate basis with ideas for future individual development.

6. Flexibility – The programme comes in two formats with the opportunity within the day programme to design specific training tasks. 

7. The Sales & Presentation Podcast – Broadcast free every Monday I share lots of sales tips. Check it out here:


You get me……

If you hire Trevor Lee Media to deliver this sales programme then its me, Trevor Lee, that delivers it for you and your team. To discuss your ‘Sell More’ programme please call me on 07785 390717 or email me via