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Sales Transformation Advisor

Sales Transformation Advisor

Filling the gap for businesses who:

Are looking to grow significantly over the next 3-5 years

Have a current turnover of £1m+

Have been established 5+ years

Don’t have an experienced senior sales manager or director


Not sure if you might need me? – these questions will help you decide if we should start a conversation:

Does your sales activity need fresh energy, ideas and momentum?

Is it easy to buy your products or services?

What is it like to be one of your customers?

Is your company keeping up with its customers in terms of buying experience, service expectation and ongoing communication?

Is your marketing focused on driving sales?

How good is your company at spotting and seizing sales opportunities?

Who in your organisation is driving the activities listed in the grid above? If the answer is no-one for some or all of them you have a gap that needs filling.

How does it work?

I work alongside the CEO/MD/Partners, other senior personnel and those responsible for sales to ensure all the tasks listed in the grid above are working in your favour to help enable the driving of revenue and customer growth.

We would meet at least once a month (more if the model you adapt is the 2 or 3 day one) as well as being in regular touch by email or phone.

I would encourage you to hold a quarterly sales meeting (which I could chair) to ensure all those involved in creating sales growth set and agree the plans and strategy for the following quarter.

My time spent with your sales team would include dual calling, customer spend analysis and delivering any training needs.

If I work for you on the 3 day model I would look to seek feedback from current customers and potentially set up some mystery shopping to test the customer experience.

For the development of the sales activity I would  use my 5 step Sales Model CROPS:

Conversation – get on the radar, open dialogue, attract customers to you.

Relationship – people buy from people, developing recurring revenues not one off transactions,

Opportunity – spotting and seizing, being alert, responding quickly

Proposal – making it easy to buy from you, understanding precisely what potential customers are looking for

Sale – taking the order! letting the buyer buy, continuing the conversation…..

My role will be to challenge you to grow sales through some degree of transformation of your sales activities, resources and partnerships.

So why hire Trevor Lee?

1. Experience & Expertise – I have over 30 years of senior sales & business experience at director level including running my own business for the last six years helping a variety of companies grow sales.

2. Ideas & Enthusiasm – I will bring to your business an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, insight, business sense, imagination, enthusiasm, clear thinking and excellent communication skills.

3. Freeing up Management Time – If as the Owner / Founder / MD / Senior Partner you are also effectively the head of sales growth having me around will give you a sounding board, trusted advisor and business challenger.

4. Low Overheads – I will work for your business on a fixed rate basis without the overheads associated with a permanent full time position such as pension contributions, company car, sick and holiday pay, national insurance etc…

5. Credibility and Lift – Having me as part of your team will give your business a lift and be seen as a positive move by your employees, customers, suppliers and investors.

6. Flexibility & Exclusivity  Your commitment would for an initial 3 month term followed by a rolling one month agreement. I never ask clients to sign contracts and I don’t work with businesses who are regarded as competitors by my existing clients.

And you get me……

If you hire Trevor Lee Media then its me, Trevor Lee, that works with you and your team. I don’t delegate to others!

I’ll work on your business for the equivalent of 1,2 or 3 days a month, allocating that time depending on your needs. You can call or email me at any time.

My key motivation is to enjoy working with my clients and for them to enjoy working with me.

Your Investment:

£575, £875 or £1175 +vat per month depending on the needs of your business. This fee includes travel within 40 miles of TR1 2DH . Fees are invoiced monthly on 28 day payment terms.

What to do next : Give me call or drop me an email and we’ll start a conversation. You can reach me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via