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Sales Transformation Programme

This transformation programme is ideal for businesses :

  • Who need a freshened up and re-energised strategic approach to sales in order to make the next big step forward. 
  • Who need a shake up of their day to day sales activity in terms of ideas, drive, use of resources and the customer experience. 
  • Who want the benefit of the input of someone with high level sales experience and expertise without a significant overhead or long term commitment.

Programme Timescale and Summary:

Step One : Where are you now?

Sales revenues – by product / service

Best sellers

Declining sellers

Highest margins

Sales activity and processes including data analysis

Buyer persona

Customer segments and spend patterns – top 10/20/50

Customer experience

Why buy from you

How to buy from you

Barriers to sales

Marketing activity 

Market Trends / Competition


Step Two : Where do you want to be and how will you get there?

Business Objectives and Timescale:


Customer data forecast by segment / size

Top 10/20/50 existing customer individual growth 

New customer acquisition

Product / Service offerings

New products / services

New market entry for existing products / services

Sales focus and activity 

Sales resources / development / leadership

Sales strategy and plan

Step Three : Implementation

Product / Service offering

Who’s doing what



Training / Development


Process changes

Marketing changes

Step Four : Six week review

What’s happened?    What’s worked / not worked?   What needs tweaking? 

Full details here : Sales Transformation Programme 2019

So why hire Trevor Lee?

1. Experience & Expertise – I have over 30 years of senior sales & business experience at director level including running my own business for the last six years during which I have helped a variety of companies grow sales.

2. Ideas & Enthusiasm – I will bring to your business via the transformation programme an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, insight, business sense, imagination, enthusiasm, clear thinking and excellent communication skills.

3. Interactive Style – I aim to make all my programmes a fun yet challenging experience They are highly interactive in order to ensure everyone remains engaged throughout.

4. Flexibility – The programme is flexible – it can be carried out in whole or half days. 

5. Follow Up – The programme builds in a six week review following the final session.

6. You get me… – If you hire Trevor Lee Media to deliver this sales transformation programme then its me, Trevor Lee, that delivers it for you and your team.

Your investment – The fee for this programme includes the following:

The equivalent of 1.5 days for each of the three programmes parts, a two hour six week follow up review, all preparation works and materials and all travel within a 50 mile radius of TR1 2DH.* 

Step One :     £770 +vat

Step Two :     £770 +vat

Step Three :  £770 +vat

Six Week review       £0 +vat    (* mileage beyond this charged at 45p per mile +vat)

What to do next :

Give me, Trevor Lee, a call on 07785 390717 or email me via and we can have a conversation about how a sales transformation programme can help your business make the next big step.