Sales & Marketing Transformation

Two questions to ask yourself:

Question One:

Does your marketing have the right people, structures, processes and tools to attract and retain customers, drive growth and help you stand out from your competitors?    

Question Two:

Is your sales activity good at starting conversations with potential customers, building relationships (rather than handling transactions), spotting and seizing opportunities?

A freshened up and re-energised strategic approach to sales and marketing can help your business go forward, grow its revenues from existing customers and attract new customers.

Here’s how to transform your sales and marketing activity:

Gather together your key people and ask:

  • How are we using our sales resource?
  • What are our marketing messages and who is actually seeing them?
  • Is our sales and marketing activity driven by our business goals?
  • What is it like being a customer of ours?
  • How easy is it to buy from us?
  • Do we know why customers buy from us?
  • How good are we are at delivering sales pitches and presentations?

Need help to do this?

Give me, Trevor Lee, a call on 07785 390717 or drop me an email and we can arrange to meet up.


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