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Why a senior marketing and advertising consultant?

There are a number of benefits to this service including:

  1. Experience & Expertise – As your senior marketing and advertising consultant I will bring to your business experience and expertise that you may not have currently.
  2. Minimising Cost – I will work for your business on a fixed rate basis without the overheads such as pension contributions, company car, sick and holiday pay, national insurance etc… associated with a permanent full time position.
  3. Freeing up Management Time – As the Owner / Founder / MD / Senior Partner you may well also be in effect the head of marketing and advertising. For some businesses this works really well but for others where the business leader is not a marketing / advertising expert the time taken up by this role is often disproportionate to the returns. I free up your time enabling you to concentrate and focus on what you are best at.
  4. Credibility and Lift – Having me as part of your team will give your business increased credibility when pursuing new customers, seeking investment and applying for funding. It will give your business a lift and be seen as a positive move by your employees, customers, suppliers and investors. Hire me and I will bring to your business an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, insight, business sense, imagination, enthusiasm, clear thinking and excellent communication skills.
  5. Flexibility & Exclusivity – I work on terms that don’t tie in clients to long term agreements. Your commitment would only be for an initial 3 month term followed by a rolling one month agreement. I don’t work with businesses who are regarded as competitors by existing clients.
  6. People Development – I will act as a mentor and coach to your existing marketing and advertising personnel, assisting their personal development and learning.


To fix up a no obligation meeting please call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via