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Re-energising your Marketing

Why a marketing review and plan?

As a business grows the day to day activity becomes more intense and the time needed to keep track of marketing activity disappears. The upshot is that your marketing continues to happen but with little or no change. You run the same ads, you don’t add to your website, your social media posts become less frequent.

Your marketing stagnates and as a result is in danger of not keeping up with your competitors or indeed your customers who marketing message consumption habits change more frequently than ever before.

The marketing review and plan is ideal for any company who’s marketing doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

The review is a robust 2-3 hour session which challenges your current marketing activity as well as identifying your future aspirations for revenue growth. The package includes a follow up 4-5 page marketing plan and six weeks later a further 60 minute meet up to see how you are progressing.

The Review and Plan is also a really useful tool if you are seeking funding of any sort as funders are always likely to want to see a well thought out and carefully prepared marketing plan which is what you get with this.

Here’s a summary of some of the questions the review will ask:

  1. Where is your marketing money being spent?
  2. Are your marketing messages consistent across all the mediums you use?
  3. Do you know which marketing is generating enquires / responses / leads?
  4. Does your marketing reflect your company?
  5. Are you buying marketing because you think it’s ‘a good price’ or because it is reaching your customers and potential buyers?
  6. Are you getting the best deals from the marketing you are buying?
  7. Based on where you want to be as a company what changes to your marketing do you need to make to help you get to where you are going?

For full details of the Marketing Review and Plan please click here : Marketing Review and Plan

The Marketing Review and Plan package – which includes a 2/3 hour on site robust review, a 4-5 page marketing plan, a 60 minute follow up six weeks later and travel within a 40 mile radius of TR1 3TN costs just £375 + vat


To fix up a no obligation meeting please call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via

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