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Sales & Marketing Transformation Programme

Helping you bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

This transformation programme is ideal for businesses :

  • Who need a freshened up and re-energised strategic approach to sales and marketing in order to make the next big step forward.
  • Who need a shake up of their day to day sales and marketing activity in terms of ideas, drive, enthusiasm, use of resources and the customer experience.
  • Who want the benefit of the input of someone with high level sales and marketing experience and expertise without a significant overhead or long term commitment.

Programme Timescale and Summary:

Month One: Where are you now? 

An audit of all sales and marketing activity and results.

Detailed analysis of products and services available to purchase.

Best sellers

Customer types – who buys?

Customer segmentation by spend and spend trend

Sales resource and how it is deployed

Barriers to sales

Marketing activity – including messages, mediums used, budget, effectiveness (both known and perceived)

Month Two: Where do you want to be?

Setting objectives and timescales

Begin to create the strategic plan including :

Key product / service sales forecast

Sales resource plan (and identification of any associated personal development / training requirements)

Marketing plan : Target audience, message, timing, reach mechanisms

Handling and developing key customers

Month Three: How do you get there?

Completion of the strategic sales and marketing plan and start of the transformation implementation

The equivalent of two full days would be spent each month on the programme.

Month Six : Follow Up

A two hour review meeting of what has happened, the results that are occurring, ideas for plan enhancement

Full details here : Sales & Marketing Transformation Programme

To start a conversation about how a sales and marketing transformation can help your business make the next big step simply call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via