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Sales Leadership Mentoring

Sales Leadership mentoring – this is for Sales Directors and Managers :

  • Who need a confidential ‘sounding board’ with whom they can discuss their ideas, plans, problems, people, ambitions, and development needs.
  • Who need someone they know they can call at anytime to run something past.
  • Who aspire to enhance the impact they have through their role on the business.
  • Who want to benefit from the experience and expertise of someone who was in senior management roles for over 26 years and had responsibility for teams of 3 to 220.

Why Mentoring?

Leading a sales team can be highly satisfying and rewarding but it can also be a tough and sometimes lonely experience, particularly small or medium sized businesses where may not have too many colleagues at your level to bounce ideas and thoughts off, especially in relation to your own leadership development.

Likewise finding yourself managing a sales team for the first team can be equally challenging, especially if this is your first step into a senior leadership / management role.

Leadership mentoring essentially offers you a sounding board.

It is an opportunity to discuss your thoughts, ideas and aspirations with an external third party who has no direct relationship with your business and therefore is effectively neutral and impartial.

Mentoring is a proven business tool used by individuals at all levels and in all sizes of businesses.

Other benefits ?

Mentoring aims to :

Help you establish your goals

Improve your performance

Develop your skills and capabilities

Grow your confidence and therefore enjoyment of your role

Increase the impact you have on your business and its people

Encourage you to think innovation and move outside of your ‘comfort zone’

So how does it work?

We would meet once every three weeks for around two hours, ideally in an offsite location so there are no business distractions. The location needs to allow us to talk in an open and frank manner. We could use the great outdoors and go for a walk or we could meet over breakfast or lunch.

Mentoring is highly confidential.

This mentoring programme runs for four sessions over a nine week period.

During that time I would be available to you by phone or email.

Those being mentored are encouraged to use that service rather than save everything up for the regular meeting.

So why Trevor Lee as your Sales Leadership Mentor?

During my 29 year business career I spent 26 years in management and leadership roles ranging from being the sales manager of a team of 3 on the Retford Times in Nottinghamshire to being Managing Director of Cornwall & Devon Media leading a team of around 220.

Working with me will enable you to benefit from my experience, expertise and enthusiasm for leadership.

Along side my day to day experience I benefited from a significant amount of leadership learning and development including being a delegate on the Ashridge Business School’s ‘Top Leader Journey’ programme and the Daily Mail’s group world-wide ‘Accelerated Leadership Programme’ as well as numerous short programmes and masterclasses.

I also had a business mentor or coach at various times throughout my career.

Since setting up Trevor Lee Media in 2012 I have worked with a number of company’s helping them to achieve their business goals.

I will bring to you an entrepreneurial mindset, creativity, insight, business sense, imagination, enthusiasm, clear thinking and excellent communication skills.

And the investment is ?

A four session mentoring programme is £960 +vat.

This includes four face to face meetings, one every three weeks, plus unlimited contact by telephone and email

Travel beyond a 40 mile radius of TR1 2DH is added at 45p +vat per mile.


To fix up a no obligation meeting please call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via

Download PDF here: Sales Leadership Mentoring