Sales Training

Swopping the sales 'training day' for something far more impactful

Sales training has traditionally created an expectation that someone like me will breeze in for day and transform your team into ‘supersonic salespeople’ able to overcome objections, do loads of ‘up-selling’, convert all proposals into orders, turn all ‘cold calls’ into meetings, keep talking until someone says yes, ’close’ more deals etc…

Sound familiar?

And did it work for you?

Maybe for a few weeks but then you find yourselves back to where you were. 

Which is why I’ve changed my ‘training day’ model to ensure the impact is long lasting, the momentum gained keeps going and those involve are energised and up-skilled. 

So instead of one off day I now deliver sales training days over three 90 minute fast paced sessions, a week part live via video link. Each programme has a 30 minute 1:1 follow up with every attendee on week 4 and a further 45 minutes with all the attendees on week 6 as well as a review with management after the 3 sessions are delivered. 

So if you want your sales team or those responsible for ‘sales’ to be inspired, re-energised and full of momentum let’s book a 15-20 minute call to discuss what you are looking for.

5 step 'CROPS' sales model

I use my 5 step ‘CROPS’ sales model as part of the training 

Outer circle of the CROPS sales model:

  • Having the right Mindset to be successful – which means being on air ‘A Game’ when interacting with customers 
  • Having a full Knowledge of all your products, services, marketplace and to a degree your competitors
  • Displaying an Attitude customers warm to and appreciate so that they look forward to doing business with your team and your company

The 5 steps of the CROPS model:

  • Connecting and starting conservations with prospective customers
  • Building rapport and relationships with new and existing customers
  • Spotting, creating and ultimately seizing opportunities to gain more sales 
  • Delivering winning sales pitches and creating sales proposals that turn into orders
  • Helping customers say ‘yes’ 

Sales Training Outcomes:

  • An energised, motivated, inspired sales team
  • Who are confident with customers 
  • Who have key ‘sales’ skills including potentially customer interaction skills, virtual sales skills, negotiation skills, self marketing skills
  • Who recognise that the best way to grow sales is to help customers to buy
  • Who grow sales without thinking like traditional ‘salespeople’ 

So if you would like me to help up-skill, inspire and motivate your sales personnel whether they be full-time salespeople or those people responsible for sales I’m ready to make a real impact if you are.

Your investment includes:

Three 90 minute sessions for up to 6 delegates

3o minute 1:1 for each delegate

45 minute review session with delegates

45 minute review session with management

Top Tips’ summary for delegates

‘Momentum Maintaining’ summary for management

Programme Investment : £1475 + vat : up to 6 delegates – £1875 +vat  7-10 delegates 

WhaT to do next...

Let’s have a 15-20 minute Zoom call to discuss your needs
and check if I’m the right person for your team to work with…

Specific Sales Skills Sessions for your team

5 specific short programmes designed to tackle key skills to help your team achieve higher levels of sales success:

#1: Making Connections and Building Relationships
#2: Spotting, Creating and Acting upon Sales Opportunities
#3: Preparing and delivering Sales Proposals and Sales Pitches and following them up
#4: Negotiating and finalising – turning proposals into sales
#5: Customer Experience – what’s it like to be your customer?

Your Investment includes:

  • 100 minute session for up to 10 delegates
  • Lots of interaction during the session
  • Various grids for your team to use
  • 30 minute next day review session with management 
  • 30 minute review session with delegates 2-3 weeks later
  • ‘Top Tips’ summary for delegates in mini e-book format 
  • ‘Momentum Maintaining notes and guidance summary for management

Programme Investment : £770 + vat 

Sales Coaching and mentoring

A programme offering one to one and small group virtual sales coaching and mentoring for sales people and sales managers. 

  • Programmes designed around your specific needs
  • 1:1 or 1:2,3 or 4
  • Designed to up-skill, challenge to do better, enemies, inspire and motivate
  • Help you accelerate towards your revenue goals
  • Minimum of just 3 one hour sessions

Programme Investment: Starts from £87+vat for a one hour session

why use me for your sales training?

I’m as enthusiastic about sales now as I was when I made my first one about 100 years ago! Sales though has moved on and for me it’s all about making it easy for customers to buy via the relationships you build and the opportunities you spot whilst being really good when you get a chance to pitch or put forward a proposal. And as I fill a gap for companies who don’t have a sales director I am in the thick of the action.

Each Monday my podcast ‘Better Presentations More Sales’ is broadcast via all the usual podcast apps. It’s full of tips and ideas and features a variety of top notch guests. 

If you want to discuss how I might be able to help you and to check whether you think you and your team will enjoy working with me click on the button below to fix up a no obligation Zoom meeting. 

Trevor Lee