Revenue Generation Gap filler

This role is aimed at established SME’s who have ambitions to grow but who don’t have an experienced Sales or Commercial Director.

It provides advice based on 30+ years of high level sales and marketing experience at senior manager / director level including 4 years as MD of a £16m turnover 30% margin business.

The role will also challenge your revenue generation thinking, processes, planning and activity – getting stuck into what’s working and what’s not working.

Key areas of focus are likely to be:

  • Customer Attraction
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales Activity
  • Sales Momentum
  • Sales Ideas
Trevor Lee
Trevor Lee

In time terms the role is the equivalent of two days a month with most, if not all, of the input delivered digitally.

The input is flexible depending on the needs of the company but typically might look like this:

A weekly Zoom call with the MD or Business Owner or sales team to discuss activity and ideas and provide specific advice to a current situation eg a difficult client, a forthcoming sales pitch, a sales negotiation.

Be involved and potentially chair a monthly revenue generation meeting involving all those responsible for customers and sales.

This meeting could focus on revenue opportunities, customer spend trends, the customer experience, attracting customers, the sales process and sales momentum.

There is no long term contract.

I work on an initial term of 3 months and after that either side can end the agreement by giving one months notice.

I only work with one company in a particular sector.

Your Investment: £1075 Per Month

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