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Presentations and Kitchen Sinks

One of the dangers when presenting is thinking you need to cram in everything about your organisation and its products and services.

I witnessed an example of this at a business event last week.

The upshot?

Firstly the presentation ran way over time – a 10 minutes allocated slot became a 19 minute presentation. We, the audience, were warned this might happen when the presenter started by suggesting he had only just found out his time slot was less than he had expected – a lesson here in preparation!

The knock on affect was that the following speakers were under pressure and the whole event over-ran.

Secondly by using the kitchen sink approach the audience was left confused about what the actual message of the presentation was as the bombardment of information, supplemented by no less than 3 videos, was relentless.

Thirdly the onslaught was compounded by slides that were massively overly populated and made worse by a screen which was totally inadequate for the size of the room and the audience.

The key to a successful 10 minute presentation is focusing on no more than 3 messages and only delivering information that is relevant to the audience and is likely to be unknown by them.

There should be a natural flow not a series of random slides.

So here are some tips to help you deliver a great 10 minute presentation:

•Understand your audience and plan your presentation around what will be very relevant to them.

•Keep words on slides to a minimum – start with one word per slide and work up if you need to.

•Check the equipment that is available to you and build your presentation around its capabilities – in particular the size of the screen.

•Get straight in to your message. Resist the temptation to start by banging on about how great you are, the awards you’ve won etc….

•Don’t forget to have a strong finish with a clear call to action in terms of what you want the audience to do next.

•And finally to ensure you run to time practice delivering the presentation in 80% of your allocated time so if you have 10 minutes aim to deliver it in 8 during practice.

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