Better Presentations

'First Time' Presenter?

'Years of Experience' Presenter?

'Occasional' Presenter?

'Nervous' Presenter?

Whichever of the above best describes you I’m here to help you constantly deliver better, and ultimately more successful presentations for:

  • Client Meetings
  • Sales Pitches
  • Client Reviews
  • Product Demos
  • Internal Briefings
  • Team Motivation
  • AGM’s
  • Investor Briefings 
  • Event Speaking
  • Elevator Pitches 

In-Person and Virtual - get better at both ways to present to be successful...

A Presentation needs to:

  • engage – to gain the full attention of your audience
  • educate – to share ideas and info your audience won’t know 
  • enthuse – so that your audience leave keen to do something
  • entertain – make your presentation an enjoyable experience 

So who could deliver 'Better Presentations'? ​

  • Business Owners / Partners
  • CEO’s / MD’s / Senior Executives
  • Sales & Commercial Managers 
  • Sales Executives
  • Fee Earners
  • Event Speakers / Networkers 

Why Deliver a Better Presentation ?

Sales Growth: 

Better product demo presentations and better sales pitch presentations will increase your chances of success, and more success means more sales….

New Customers: 

Being a better presenter will help you attract new customers, they will want to work with people like you who can inspire and help them

Profile Status: 

Gaining a reputation for being a Better Presenter than everyone else in your sector raises your profile as an individual and will create new opportunities 

Attracting Investment: 

Delivering a great presentation to potential investors will increase their confidence in investing in you and your organisation. 

Team Motivation: 

Never under estimate the affect a  well delivered internal presentation can create in terms of morale, motivation, inspiration….

Attract Talent: 

If you are looking to expand your team the best candidates will be drawn to you if they see you and your team delivering great presentations 

The 7P's of presenting model I use to help you achieve presenting success

Here's how I can help you deliver Better Presentations:

  • One to One Coaching for: 
  • Owners / Partners / CEO’s / MD’s / Senior Executives
  • Sales & Commercial Managers 
  • Key Presentation Coaching for:
  • Sales Pitches, Team Presentations, Key Client Review Meetings,  
  • Event Speakers / Networkers 

How the Coaching  Programmes work:

  • Sessions are for 45 minutes
  • Held over Zoom
  • No limit to the number of sessions 
  • Most people have 3 sessions 

Coaching  Outcomes:

  • You will deliver better, more confident presentations 
  • You will increase your chances of presentation success
  • You will stand out from most other presenters 
  • You will fully appreciate the impact delivering a great presentation can have on you and your business

Your investment in helping you deliver better, more successful Presentations:

£127 +vat per coaching session

Want to book now and get cracking?

Want to check if this coaching is for you?

To fix up a free no obligation 15 minute Zoom call it me to check what you need and whether I’m the right person to help you please click here or call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via

Here's a bit about me....

I did my first business presentation in 1983 to a company called Bracebridge DIY. They said yes to my advertising proposal and I realised at that moment how important presentation skills are to business success. Since then I’ve delivered, and still do, business presentations of all types whether 1:1 or to large audiences. 

I now specialise in helping business people like you make the most of every opportunity to present, ensuring you have clear purpose and a winning formula. 

I love the variety working as a presentation coach brings. I learn so much that I am able to pass on and help my clients utilise. It is hugely rewarding helping individuals at all levels deliver confident, successful presentations. I look forward to helping you become one of them.