Here's how you can gain More Sales

Think customer first - you second

Ensure your offering is easy to understand and easy to buy

Aim to continually get better at the way you present

Make the most of every single customer interaction

Keep a close eye on your sales data and trends

Instill constant momentum into your sales activity

and what about Sales 'Training?' is that useful?

are these the outcomes you want from sales training?

A re-energised, enthused, confident and motivated team

A surge of momentum in your revenue generation activity

impact that lasts way beyond the training session

Is it a YES to all 3 questions? If it is then that’s why I’ve dropped the traditional ‘training day’ from my offerings. Instead I offer high impact, interactive, fast paced, action packed short sessions in order to: 

  • Make sales ‘training’ much more interesting and impactful
  • Make sales training  something your team look forward to
  • In-still confidence, energy, and ideas whilst up-skilling and creating sales momentum 

I also focus on the sales skills needed in today’s business world not ‘old fashioned’ stuff like ‘cold calling’, ‘overcoming objections’, ‘closing deals’ etc… – my focus is your team and the interactions, communication, relationships and ideas exchange with their customers. Customers want to be helped not sold to!  That’s what generates sales. 

to help you and your team grow sales

my sales 'training' offering focuses on key Sales skills including :

Virtual Presenting / Sales Pitches / Demos

Sales Negotiation - helping you win more orders

Self Marketing - sales people thinking like salespreneurs

Making sales happen - being more proactive

Helping Customers to Buy More - creating opportunities

Mindset and Confidence inc. People & Communication skills

Virtual Presenting / Sales Pitches/ Demos

A skill needed by all those interacting via video link with clients, prospective clients, colleagues, suppliers, wholesalers, investors. Designed to help you become a better, more successful virtual presenter – the tips, ideas and skills you pick up and learn will be easily transferable to in-person presentations. 

Sales Negotiations – helping you win more orders

If you then I ….putting yourself in the shoes of the ‘other side’ ….recognising that negotiating is not just about price….having a carefully prepared plan…..asking the right questions…..confirming and clarifying……these are just some of the key techniques and skills we cover and discuss. 

Self Marketing – sales people thinking like salespreneurs

A growing trend as more and more companies want their sales people to think more like entrepreneurs and as such do more ‘self marketing’ rather than wait for the marketing department to drive interest and create opportunities. Focus on Networking, LinkedIn and Speaking. 

Making sales happen – being more proactive

We are all pretty good at being reactive – sometimes we can be spending so much time being reactive and trying to be ‘too busy’ that we inadvertently or maybe deliberately use that as a reason to not be proactive – we will focus on how to be more proactive while still being reactive when needed.

Helping customers to buy more – creating opportunities

Existing customers are a potential huge source of new revenue – so our focus is on  building relationships, asking the right questions, being more curious in order to create opportunities to generate new revenues from those existing customers, who already know, like and trust us.

Mindset and Confidence including people and communication skills

Mindset and Confidence –  probably the two most important sales skills. How does one help boost the other will be our focus. People buy from people even in this fast-moving digital world so having good people skills including good communication and interaction skills will help create more sales.

sales training and coaching sessions for you and your team :


  • 90 minutes via Zoom
  • Sales Skills focus of your choice (see above)
  • Fast paced, focused, interactive
  • Mini e-book summary of key tips and ideas
  • Copies of key grids with video explanation
  • Recording of webinar
  • 10-15 minute session summary video 
  • 30 minute delegate follow up session 
  • 30 minute follow up with management to discuss keeping momentum going

£570 +vat for up to 10 delegates – (£23 +vat per delegate beyond 10) 


  • 3 x 90 minutes – one week apart – via Zoom
  • Sales Skills of your choice inc bespoke 
  • Fast paced, focused, interactive
  • Mini e-book summary for each session
  • Copies of key grids and video explanation
  • Recordings of all sessions 
  • 10-15 session summary video
  • 45-60 minute review, revisit, remind session with delegates
  • 30-45 minute follow up with management 

£1870 +vat for up to 10 delegates – (£57 +vat per delegate beyond 10) 


  • 45 minutes via Zoom
  • For Sales Directors and  Sales Managers
  • Sales People – Experienced & New
  • Business Owners responsible for sales 
  • The purpose of the coaching is to help you achieve your sales goals. 
  • Highly interactive, lots of tips, ideas, challenges
  • No sign up
  • No minimum number of sessions – although 3 is recommended

£87 +vat per session

Keen to get cracking? here's what to do next...

Think about the key skills you want your team to develop or sharpen up on

Have a look at the formats below and choose the best option for your team

I'll send you a draft proposal and if you like it we'll agree times and dates and get cracking on growing your sales

could you do with an experienced sales momentum driver for your business but without a big overhead?

what sort of companies are best suited for my sales help?

Growing SME’s who aren't quite big enough to have a full time Sales Director but could do with that level of expertise and experience.

professional service organisations who are keen to drive forward, stay ahead of competition and maximise revenue opportunities.

ambitious forward thinking organisations who have non-executive directors but don't have a revenue generation Specialist NED

companies of any size who need a fresh sales momentum including fresh sales ideas and a re-energising of their sales teams

More Sales

The ‘5 Steps to Success Circle’ above illustrates the key areas I will focus on when filling the Sales Director gap for your company and helping you grow sales.

I could be the equivalent of the sales director you don't have - here's how...

To check whether I'm the right person for you

or maybe what you really need is a sales makeover :


  • A robust  review of your sales activity
  • Including:
  • Customer Buying Process
  • Customer Attraction 
  • Sales Funnel and Process
  • Outcomes:
  • A re-energised Sales Strategy and Activity plan 
  • Sales Momentum 
  • Better Customer Interactions & Relationships
  • 3 x 75 minute sessions – 2 weeks apart

£570 +vat for the 3 session programme


  • Helping sales managers and leaders:
  • Step back and reflect on what they do and how effectively they do it
  • Get Connected – Get Real – Get Help
  • Sharpen their key skills including:
  • People Skills
  • Time Management 
  • Managing Upwards
  • Inspiring and Energising  their teams 
  • 3 x 75 minutes sessions – 2 weeks apart

£770 + vat for up to 4 delegates 


  • Designed to ensure that the momentum gained from your Sales Activity Makeover session is maintained 
  • 75 minutes once a month to:
  • Check in and Challenge what you are doing to keep sales growing
  • Providing an outside view of your offering
  • Keeping you energised and inspired 
  • No minimum number of sessions – although 3 is recommended

£147 +vat per monthly session

Why invest in outside sales help?

Hugely Cost Effective: Imagine how much you would need to invest if you had a full time experienced Sales Director – not just a significant salary but holidays, pension, sick pay, bonus, etc…

With this service you enjoy the input, ideas, expertise of that Sales Director level person but for a fixed monthly fee.

Fresh Eyes: It is very easy in any business to focus so much on the day to day you forget to stand back next look from the outside in, creating the opportunity to see just what the business looks like to an outsider, and in particular to a customer.

Challenge: Who in your company is the sales activity and process challenger? The person who asks: ‘Why are you doing that?’ ‘How can do you that better?’ ‘Is that really how customers want to interact/buy from you?’

Profile Boost: Having an experienced sales expert on board says a lot about your ambition. That will get noticed by potential customers, future team members and investors, as well as being a boost for your existing team.

Momentum Generation: One of the keys to sales success is momentum. Momentum in attracting new customers, momentum through the sales process, momentum with existing customers. One of the key aspects of this role is to help you generate and sustain sales momentum.

No long term sign up: Our agreement will be for 3 months after which either of us can conclude our working together by giving the other party one month’s notice.

No competitive clashes: I only work with one organisation in any one sector at any one time. That enables me to focus entirely on helping you accelerate your sales faster than your competitors, be more fleet of foot than them, and make your customer interactions significantly better than there’s.

To check whether I'm the right person for you

Looking for a NED revenue generation specialist?

This role is aimed at established SME’s who have ambitions to grow but who don’t have an experienced Sales or Commercial Director.

I bring to your table advice, ideas and challenge based on 30+ years of high level sales and marketing experience at senior manager / director level including 4 years as MD of a £16m turnover 30% margin business.

The role will challenge your revenue generation thinking, processes, planning and activity – helping you create sales momentum and drive sales growth.  

Key areas of focus are likely to be:

  • Customer Attraction
  • Customer Experience
  • Sales activity
  • Sales Momentum
  • Sales Ideas

In time terms the role is the equivalent of one day a month with most, if not all, of the input delivered digitally.

The input is flexible depending on the needs of the company but typically might look like this:

A weekly Zoom call for 30-50 minutes with the MD or Business Owner or sales team to discuss activity and ideas and provide specific advice to a current situation eg a difficult client, a forthcoming sales pitch, a sales negotiation.

There is no long term contract.

I work on an initial term of 3 months and after that either side can end the agreement by giving one months notice.

I only work with one company in a particular sector.

Your Investment: £575+vat per month

Want to check if I am the right person
to help you grow sales?

Please click the button below to book a no obligation 30 minute Zoom call with me

Here's a bit about me...

I started my sales career in 1983 selling advertising for the Lincolnshire Echo. I knew nothing about sales and only joined the ad department as I thought it would help me get a job on the sports desk. I quickly discovered that I loved the sales job helping a wide of variety of businesses use advertising to attract customers and ultimately grow sales.

Within a year I was promoted to the top sales territory and after 2 years I won a place on a trainee sales manager programme. I was 25 when I became a sales manager and my career would take me into sales director, commercial director, and managing director roles before after 29 years in the local media sector I had the opportunity to set up my own consultancy in 2012.

I love the variety working as a consultant brings. I learn so much that I am able to pass on and help my clients utilise. It is hugely rewarding helping businesses at all levels grow sales. I look forward to helping you become one of them.

Trevor Lee