Webinar Speaking

I’ve transformed my event and conference speaking into a webinar format which is around an hour and is fast paced, inspiring, interactive and energised. 

I focus on two specialist areas – Sales & Presenting but I deliver the webinars around you need and in particular the needs of your audience. 

Right now (June 2020) I’m focusing on Sales – basing my content on the mantra that if you want to grow sales you need to ‘Stop Selling and Start Helping’ 

I build each webinar for the event audience to ensure they get lots of tips and ideas suitable to them. I don’t simply roll out the same session.

Your investment in one of my highly energised one hour webinars includes spaces for up to 50 delegates, all the planning and preparation as well as a series of grids the delegates can immediately utilise along with a recording of the webinar.

Webinar Investment : £770+vat

All set to go for a webinar – Mic in place, main screen with slide audience sees, a reminder to press Record!, propped up at the bottom my flow notes and for when I’m running Polls. 2nd screen shows next slide, Q&A, Polls, participant details, Chat and some details about some of the delegates stuck to the side. iPad shows 20 slides at at time as a prompt as to what’s coming up. Guitar stool to sit on to ensure an energised delivery and water on hand to sip whilst a Poll is being undertaken by the audience.