Customer Experience Training

Why Customer Experience Training?

One of the key challenges for all businesses is ensuring that the marketing messages that attract potential customers are matched by the actual experience those potential customers receive when they make contact with the company.

This is particularly important given that is reckoned that around 70% of customers are making buying decisions before they make that direct contact.

Get that first interaction wrong as a company and you risk losing customers.

The programme is highly interactive and challenges the participants to discover ways to enhance the experience at all customer touch points from enquires through sales to distribution and then re-orders

Who is this for?

This is for anyone in a company who interacts with customers

  • Around 70% of buying decisions are now made before any contact is made with the company
  • It is vital therefore that all potential customers are handled really well – especially those who visit or phone in.
  • This is a company focused programme designed to ensure marketing messages match the actual customer experience
  • It is highly interactive and designed to have people across all areas of the company working together
  • The outcome will be an agreed number of actions to be implemented to help transform the customer experience