44@60 MasterClass - Win More Sales Pitches

This Masterclass on April 29th at 4pm BST will help you win more sales pitches and convert more sales proposals

I’m going to show you how to win more sales pitches, especially virtual ones, and share some ideas to get a response to those sales proposals you email out and then never get a reply to.

We will consider:

  • What do you want the outcome of your pitch to be?
  • What are your audience expecting? 
  • What will make them say yes? 
  • Who is delivering your pitch and how collectively can they do that seamlessly?
  • How can you make your pitch compelling?
  • If you use slides how to avoid inflicting ‘Death by Powerpoint’ !
  • And what happens if someone wants to negotiate during the pitch or ask lots of questions? 

We will also look at best use of equipment when pitching virtually.

For sales proposals we will look at:

  • The message and the wording
  • The length – be prepared to be a ruthless editor!
  • Is it about your prospective client or you?
  • How are you going to follow up?

This masterclass will be ideal for companies and individuals looking to boost their sales pitch and sales proposal win rates


The 60 minute masterclass will be fast paced and interactive – you will receive a mini e-book detailing all the key points, a copy of the slides and access to the event recording.

Don’t forget the entire £44 fee will be donated to the 44@60  to raise funds for Music Therapy Sessions delivered by Children’s Hospice South West

If you are a company and wish to book several places or have this Masterclass delivered just for your team please contact Trevor via: trevor@trevorleemedia.co.uk