44 @ 60

Running the 44 mile Classic Quarter on May 22nd 2021 to raise funds for the Children’s Hospice Music Therapy Sessions

How you can help:

Individual Donations

If a business masterclass isn’t for you can make an individual donation of £10 and give yourself a chance of winning a voucher for £75 to spend at a restaurant of your choice!

We’ve divided Trevor’s 44 mile run into 176 quarter mile segments and we’re looking for individual sponsors to ‘buy’ all 176 at £10 each

When you make your £10 donation you can choose a number between 1 and 176 or we allocate one for you.  If your chosen number has gone we will allocate the nearest one to it that is available. 

If you donate £20 you can choose 2, £50 5 etc….

Each donor will, if they wish, get a shout out ‘thank you’ on Trevor’s 44@60 podcast which will include any personal message they included on the Just Giving page.

Business Skills Masterclasses


Develop your business skills whilst helping the Children’s Hospice South West deliver Music Therapy Sessions

60 minute high energy virtual Masterclasses – £44 per place

(Note how this fits the 44@60 theme!)

The full £44 delegate fee goes into the fundraising pot


This last one is on April 29th at 4pm BST

Huge thanks to everyone who has joined the first 5 in the series and to companies who have hired me in to deliver one of the topics exclusively for their teams.

If you are a company and you would like me to deliver one of the masterclass series for your team: ’10 Quick Sales Wins’ or ‘Deliver Better Virtual Presentations’ or ‘Win More Sales Pitches’ please get in touch and we’ll fix it up.