44 @ 60

I ran the 44 mile Classic Quarter on May 22nd 2021 and raised £6600 for the Children’s Hospice South west Music Therapy Sessions

How you helped me run 44 miles and raise £6600

Thank you for your support

I’ve now completed the 44 mile Classic Quarter run so I need to say a massive thank you to an amazing group of supporters who helped raise £150/mile or £6600 for the Children’s Hospice South West Music Therapy Programme. 

I was humbled by the generosity of supporters who made individual donations and businesses and business owners who supported through booking places on the fundraising business masterclasses or had their own version in-house.

Next up – the book: ‘Business Lessons from Running 44@60’ 

Photo below with my children at the finish, Beth who was the crew manager and Jim who came back from Uni in Brighton.

Job Done!

My total time was around 13 hours – Strava generously omitted the crew meeting times and must have thought some of the hills were so slow I had stopped moving!