44 @ 60

I have now run the 44 mile Classic Quarter on May 22nd 2021 to raise £6500+ for the Children’s Hospice South west Music Therapy Sessions

How you can help:

Individual Donations

I’ve now completed the 44 mile run but you can still make an individual donation of £10 or more and give yourself a chance of winning a voucher for £75 to spend at a restaurant of your choice!

The original target was £100/mile (£4400) but thanks to so many generous supporters this was passed and re-set for £100/year (£6000) – that has also now been supposed so we are chasing before the camping closes on June 10th £150/mile which is £6600. 

All donations are hugely appreciated. Thanks very much. 

Photo below with my children at the finish. 

Job Done!

My total time was around 13 hours – Strava generously omitted the crew meeting times and must have thought some of the hills were so slow I had stopped moving!