44 @ 60

How it started

Earlier this year I was inspired at an event which I was speaking at to publicly announce that in 2021 I’m going to take part in the Classic Quarter which is a ultramarathon of 44 miles which starts at the most southerly point in England, Lizard village, and finishes at the most westerly point in England which is Lands End.

I’m going to be sharing through this page my progress towards that goal. Below is the moment when I accepted a £1 bet on Keynote speaker Jim Lawless at the moment of announcing the challenge.

August 2019


  • 19th – 4.5 miles – ‘Recovery’ run with TRC – I’m never quite sure what the recovery run actually is as this enquire about space! I deliberately hadn’t run over the weekend following Friday night’s 10k race
  • 16th – 6 miles – TRC 3 mile group – ran to meeting point and back to double the distance
  • 16th – 6.2 miles – St Leven 10k – Part of the Cornish Grand Prix series, my first run of this event since 2005 when I was 44 and I ran 44:43. It was horrendously wet but I raced off during the 1st mile in 7:56 and then just trying to keep going as best I could so I came in in 53:06 which I was really pleased with given I run the previous two days and prior to the event my legs felt really heavy! As I was almost 5 minutes below my current age, having been banging on my age 14 years ago does that mean that I am in ‘good for age’ terms improving?
  • 15th – 4 miles with Beth – we set off from Mawnan and did some coastal path before somehow taking a wrong turn so a bit more road than we planned!
  • 14th – 4.5 miles – Truro RC Club Night run – steady run but thought the legs might struggle more than they did so happy with that
  • 10th – 11 miles – The Roseland August Trails (RAT) – A fantastic day started with travelling with five fellow runners from Truro were also doing the 11 mile version which is known as the ‘White RAT’. I shot some video and recorded some audio to create episode 2 of the podcast. The course was entirely on the coastal path. My finish time was 2:32 which I was relatively pleased with given that it took 20 minutes to do the 1st mile and I wasn’t really running against the clock I was more interested in trying to capture film and audio! Those of us who travelled together to the White RAT made a pledge afterwards that in 2020 we will upgrade to the Red RAT which is 20 miles. Other events in this fantastic festival are the Black RAT which is 32, the Plague which is 64 and ‘bring out your dead’ (BOYD) which is a 24-hour race of a 5 mile out and back route so effectively a continual repeat of the last 2 1/2 miles of the entire course which features some horrendous steps! Check out the RAT here
  • 4th – 13.1 miles – Indian Queens half marathon – this was hard work. I played cricket the day before which wasn’t a good idea! Legs felt heavy from 4 miles – came in at 2:10 but had been hoping to go close to 2 hours. All that running in July probably caught up with me. Next race is in 6 days time so no running between now and then. 
  • 1st – 4 miles – Run around Trelissick with daughter Beth

July 2019

  • 30th – 4 miles – Tehidy Woods TRC Club Night
  • 29th – 3 miles – TRC Group – legs feeling very slow after weekend race and county cricket match in Gloucestershire on the Sunday.
  • 27th – 7 miles – Tywardreath Trotter – multi terrain race – tough going – lots of hills – gained 2 places in the ‘sprint’ finish – 65:33
  • 24th – 7 miles – TRC club night – mainly off road
  • 22nd – 12 miles – steady run around roads, tracks and paths around NT Trelissick – aimed to run for 2.5 hrs – did 2:37 – longest time ‘on feet’ since Woolacombe Bay half in June 2016 (2:31)
  • 21st – 3 miles – steady early morning run with hungover daughter!
  • 20th – 7 miles – Magnificent 7 at Saltash – another tough race – every Cornish race has mountainous hills! PB for a 7 mile race  63:29 (no record of a previous one)
  • 17th – 5 miles – Off road TRC club night
  • 16th – 6 miles – TRC 3 mile group – ran to meeting point and back to double the distance
  • 13th – 3 miles – Trelissick ParkRun – 26:40 – happy with that – my 3rd fastest course time
  • 12th – 5 miles with Beth (daughter) from house onto Newham trail and back
  • 6th – 3 miles – ParkRun – 26:42
  • 5th – 11 miles – lone run around roads, tracks and paths around NT Trelissick – 2:05
  • 3rd – 4 miles – Summer ‘Turkey’ Trot – not sure why its called a trot – everyone was racing off – another PB (only because it was a first ever 4 miler) 33:18
  • 2nd – 6 miles – TRC 3 mile group – ran to meeting point and back to double the distance
TRC – Tywardreath Trotter
TRC – Tywardreath Trotter
TRC Magnificent 7
TRC Magnificent 7

Getting kitted out

One of the first things I did was to invest in a running vest, this is designed to provide not only hydration but is packed full of pockets for food, clothing and all the other bits that I’m going to need. Buying this from the excellent At Your Pace running shop in Helston already made challenge feel real. I then bought a map which shows the approximate route I’ll be following.

Next up was to update my Garmin. My Forerunner 201 and certainly well for almost 16 years and nearly 900 runs but I did vow that if it did pack up then I would replace it and I think it did get the message because at the Sticker 5 in June the 201 refused to work properly and within 24 hours I had agreed to by the 245, at the time the latest model.

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