Tips and Ideas to help you and your business
get through the current situation

Sharpening Your Presenting & Sales Skills

With many people currently working from home or furloughed I thought this might be an ideal opportunity to help you ’Sharpen your Presenting & Sales Skills’.

Using material from my courses and workshops I’ve created two free mini-series to help you learn how to become a better and more confident presenter and to help you develop your sales skills.

Sharpening Your Presentation Skills

Ep 1- Introduction

Ep 2 - Your Purpose

Ep 3 - Your Audience

Ep 4 - Preparation​

Ep 5 - Content Planning

Ep 6 -Using PowerPoint

Ep.7 -Delivery Performance

Ep 8 - The need to Practice

Sharpening Your Sales Skills

Ep 1 - Sales Introduction

Ep 2 - Making Connections

Ep 3 - Building Relationships

Ep 4 -Sales Opportunities

Ep 5 - Sales Proposals

Ep 6 - Gaining the Order

Ep 7 - Sales Pitches

Ep 8 - Sales Negotiations

How I Can Help You during the current situation

Given the current circumstances I’ve adapted my services so that they are now available in an online format. I’ve replaced the traditional ‘sales training day’ with a series of sales skills sessions that are delivered online – including ones on delivering and following up sales proposals, creating sales opportunities, and successful sales negotiations. Check them out below.  

Deliver Awesome Presentations

Helping you become a confident speaker so you can deliver engaging, educational and entertaining presentations and win more sales pitches.

Sessions that will energise, enthuse, motivate and inspire your sales people through up-skilling and confidence boosting in all sales situations. 

Working with you 1-2 days a month to help you transform your sales activity. Ideal if you don’t have a sales director ro senior manager. 

I deliver entertaining, engaging and educational event speaking on the subjects of Sales and Presentations as well as being an effective event compere.

Top Tip Guides

Download one of my popular and effective Top Tip Guides to help you grow your sales, win more sales pitches and deliver awesome presentations.​

Business People

12 easy to implement
Ideas to help you Grow Sales

Presenters & Speakers

Learn how to Deliver an
Awesome Presentation

Sales Professionals

10 top tips to help you
Win More Sales Pitches


If you are planning a conference or event in 2021 and you need an inspirational speaker please do get in touch. Here’s a flavour of my interactive speaking style