Trevor Lee

Get Better at Presenting and you’ll make more Sales

Are you good at Sales? 

Are you good at Presenting?

What difference would it make to you and your business if you were really good at both?

By that I mean combining sales skills such as making connections, building relationships, creating opportunities and converting proposals with presenting skills such as having a clear purpose, sharing relevant and educational content, understanding the expectations of your audience and delivering in an engaging and inspiring way.

I think if you were really good at both you would generate MORE SALES don’t you? 

I help sales leaders, sales people and business owners deliver in-person and on-line engaging, inspiring and action provoking presentations, demos, meetings, sales pitches and webinars whilst also giving them the sales skills they need to be successful in today’s competitive business environment. 

From 1:1 40 minute Coaching Sessions to 2 days a month helping you Transform your Sales you can utilise my sales/presenting experience and expertise to help your business grow. 

As a Sales Transformation Advisor I work with growing businesses filling a gap for the equivalent of 2 days a month when they don’t have a Sales Director. I focus on 5 areas:

  • Sales Activity
  • Sales Data
  • Sales Process 
  • Sales Drivers
  • Customer Experience – full details here

Here's how I can help your business grow:

I offer Presentation training/coaching in 3 formats:

Deliver Confident Presentations – aimed at first time and inexperienced presenters who are nervous, even fearful of presenting

Deliver Awesome Presentations which challenges experienced presenters to become stand-out presenters who are memorable, engaging and  highly relevant to their audience.

On the sales front I’ve dumped the traditional ‘sales training day’ and replaced it with a dynamic series of 3  on-line weekly sessions of 90 minutes aimed at 3 groups: Sales Professionals, Professional Sector Organisations and Small Businesses.

Alongside that I have specific on-line sales skills sessions – 90 minutes for up to 10 people on:  Sales Pitches, Creating Sales Opportunities, Connections & Relationships, The Customer Experience and Sales Negotiations.

My Sales Transformation service is for the equivalent of 2 days a month and fills a gap for businesses with ambition who aren’t quite big enough to have a full time Sales Director. 

Details below of all these services. If you are interested in any of them please get in touch and we’ll fix up a 20 minute no fee no obligation video call to see if we are the right fit to work together. 

Please call me on 07785 390717 or email  

Sales Coaching either 1;1 or with 2,3 or 4 people from the same organisation. 40 minute interactive sessions helping you achieve your goals. 

Sales training that will energise, enthuse, up-skill and inspire experienced sales people, professional services teams and SME salespeople or owners.

Helping you transform the sales of your company – working with you for 2 days a month. Ideal if you don’t have a sales director or senior manager. 

Connections & Relationships, Creating Opportunities, Proposals & Pitches, Negotiations & Sales Conversion, Customer Experience 

Inspiring your webinar or event audience by sharing with them ideas and top tips as to why Better Presentations = More Sales 

On-line coaching on a 1:1 or small group basis – helping you run an deliver better presentations, webinars, demos, sales pitches and meetings. 

Helping you take that first step to becoming a confident presenter – walking you through all the steps you need to take to boost your confidence and help you feel comfortable presenting on-line and in-person. 

Deliver Awesome Presentations

Challenging you to step up from being an experienced presenter to becoming a stand-out presenter – ensuring you are memorable, passionate, humour in an engaging style. 

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Sharpening Your Presenting & Sales Skills

With many people currently working from home furloughed I thought this might be an ideal opportunity to help you ’Sharpen your Presenting & Sales Skills’. Below are a series of 4-5 minute videos free for you to use. No email needed! 

Simply click on ‘Watch the Video’ and you’re away. If you find them useful please do let me know.

Sharpening Your Presentation, Sales Pitch, Demo and Webinar Skills

Ep 1- Purpose - why are you presenting?

Ep 2 - People - what are your audience expecting?

Ep 3 - Preparation - from time to equipment

Ep 4 - Planning - content, flow and structure

Ep 5 - PowerPoint - no more 'Death by Powerpoint'!

Ep 6 - Performance - delivering your presentation

Ep.7 - Practice - how to and why you should

Ep 8 - Presenting as a team - roles and rules

Sharpening Your Sales Skills - 4-5 minute videos - download and watch for free...

Ep 1 - Making Connections

Ep 2 - Building Relationships

Ep 3 - Seizing Opportunities

Ep 4 - Sales Proposals

Ep 5 - Winning the Deal

Ep 6 - Sales Pitch

Ep 7 - Sales Negotiations

Ep 8 - Networking

Top Tip Guides

Download one of my popular and effective Top Tip Guides to help you grow your sales, win more sales pitches and deliver awesome presentations.​

Business People

12 easy to implement
Ideas to help you Grow Sales

Presenters & Speakers

Learn how to Deliver an
Awesome Presentation

Sales Professionals

10 top tips to help you
Win More Sales Pitches