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Are you looking for Sales Training that creates long lasting impact? Sales Training that energises and inspires your team? Sales Training that offers a combination of tips, techniques, advice and ideas delivered in a fast paced, easy to organise, great value format? Then let’s talk!

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Don’t waste your presentation opportunities. My presentation training programmes will help you and your team become better, more confident more successful in-person & virtual presenters and speakers. Get ready to become that presenter and speaker you always wanted to be!

Sales Director Gap Filling

If your business is on the march but you're not quite ready to invest in a full time experienced sales director I can fill that gap providing over the equivalent of 2 days a month advice, ideas, challenge, energy, inspiration, sales strategy to help your business grow.

to give you a head start for 2022 here are 4 top sales tips you can easily implement and a copy of my crops sales model

The 4 top tips come in the form of 4 questions to ask yourself / your business:

How easy is it for customers to understand our offer and to then buy it?

Does every member of our team recognise how important all customer interactions are?

How are we going too create a sense of ‘sales momentum’ throughout our organisation?

Are we recognising that Knowledge, Mindset and Attitude are key to sales success?

The answers to these questions will help you focus on your sales activity, process and plans for 2022. And help you decide if you need help from someone like to ensure you move forward in 2022. 

5 step 'CROPS' sales model

...and 4 tips to help you deliver better, more successful presentations using my 7p's of Presenting model

Follow these 4 top tips and you will deliver better, more confident, more successful presentations and sales pitches in 2022.

build your presentation or pitch for your customer / audience, not for yourself

have a clear purpose for your presentation - what do you want the outcome to be?

use slides as a prompt not a script and keep words on slides to a minimum

prepare, plan, practice - especially when delivering virtually - being a great virtual presenter will stand you in 2022

The last tip is a key one. Virtual presenting and pitching is here to stay so now is the time to get really good. Check out my skill session below which focuses on how to be great at presenting virtually.  ​

7P'S Presenting Circle Section

my first business book! packed full of tips and ideas!

A business and a running book encouraging you to:

set yourself and/or your business a big hairy audacious goal(BHAG)to both excite and scare you!

an actionable summary of ideas for each business lesson which you can then go and implement

the business lessons include: how am i going to do this?, learning, shouting, is this really me?

on-line course: better presentations = more sales

8 action packed modules for you to self learn how to deliver better, more confident, more successful presentations both in person and virtual - all modules in video, audio, notes and checklist format

The 7 second resume: 29 years with Northcliffe Media from selling ads to managing an 8 figure target and leading 300 people. Started own sales / presenting consultancy Sept 2012. Loving every minute of it. 

Why hire Trevor Lee?...

If you hire me to help you grow sales and/or deliver better, more confident, more successful presentations I will bring to you, your team and your organisation:

Energy and Momentum

Advice and Ideas

Challenge and Guidance

Entrepreneurial thinking

You will enjoy working with me and I do have more years of experience at all business levels than I care to count! I work with companies looking to grow, individuals looking to succeed and teams looking to prosper. To start the ball rolling book that no obligation Zoom call via the button below. 

Better Presentations - More Sales Podcast

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Sharpening Your Presenting & Sales Skills

With many people currently working from home furloughed I thought this might be an ideal opportunity to help you ’Sharpen your Presenting & Sales Skills’. Below are a series of 4-5 minute videos free for you to use. No email needed!

Simply click on ‘Watch the Video’ and you’re away. If you find them useful please do let me know.

Sharpening Your Presentation, Sales Pitch, Demo and Webinar Skills

Ep 1- Purpose - why are you presenting?

Ep 2 - People - what are your audience expecting?

Ep 3 - Preparation - from time to equipment

Ep 4 - Planning - content, flow and structure

Ep 5 - PowerPoint - no more 'Death by Powerpoint'!

Ep 6 - Performance - delivering your presentation

Ep.7 - Practice - how to and why you should

Ep 8 - Presenting as a team - roles and rules

Sharpening Your Sales Skills - 4-5 minute videos - watch for free...

Ep 1 - Making Connections

Ep 2 - Building Relationships

Ep 3 - Seizing Opportunities

Ep 4 - Sales Proposals

Ep 5 - Winning the Deal

Ep 6 - Sales Pitch

Ep 7 - Sales Negotiations

Ep 8 - Networking

Top Tip Guides

Download one of my popular and effective Top Tip Guides to help you grow your sales, win more sales pitches and deliver awesome presentations.​

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