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Do you need more sales in 2021?

Here are 4 things that can help you grow sales:

Make it easier for customers to understand your offer and buy it

Ensure your team recognise how important all customer interactions are

Create a sense of ‘sales momentum’ throughout your organisation

Recognise that Knowledge, Mindset and Attitude are key to sales success

More Sales - 5 Steps to Success

This is my 5 Steps to Sales Success Circle which illustrates where I believe the focus needs to be if you want to grow your sales. During my 2 days a month I will help you implement this so you have a clear pathway to sales growth. 

Here's Your Opportunity...

…to access the energy, entrepreneurial thinking, ideas and enthusiasm of my experience as a Sales/Commercial Director without having to commit to the overheads associated with such a role. I’ll fill your Sales/Commercial Director gap for you.

Ideal if you are an ambitious, growing company needing steerage and advice or an established business seeking fresh ideas, energy and momentum.

As well as being a 2 day a month gap filler I also deliver sales and presentation training – in short sharp bursts – much more effective than the traditional ‘training day’  

Want to know more? And check to see if we are a good fit? 

Then let’s have a no obligation 15-20 minute Zoom call – please click the button below to book a time /date that suits you.

Here's how I fill the sales gap for you and your business

I’ll work with you and your team for the equivalent of two highly interactive and very flexible days a month, with the time spread to suit your needs – a couple of hours here, 30 minutes there – whatever best works for you and your team – we’ll work by phone, Zoom and email – (preferably the first two).

I’ll help re-energise, inspire, drive and develop your sales activity and sales personnel including helping with the switch from in-person to virtual ‘selling’. Note that I only work for one company in any sector at any one point in time. Right now (April 2021) I have capacity to work with just 2 more businesses.

2 Days a Month

Your investment is a fixed fee of £1075 +vat per month for an initial 3 months after which we work on a rolling no sign up monthly basis.

4 hours a month

This is for micro businesses and starts ups who need steerage and advice without big fees. Your investment: £435 +vat per month

Non-Executive Director

For companies needing a NED specialising in revenue generation. Equivalent of one day per month. Your investment: £575 + vat per month

looking for help to grow sales?

Then let’s have a no obligation 15-20 minute Zoom call

Deliver Better, More Confident and successful presentations

One to One Coaching

Helping you become a better, more confident presenter in a variety of business situations - client meetings, prospective client meetings, demos, pitches, briefings, etc...

Presentation Coaching

Key Presentation Coaching

For you and your team when you have a key presentation to deliver - externally or internally - one you want to do exceptionally well at and be both confident and successful.

Presentation Training

For companies who want their people to be better presenters, particularly when delivering virtually. Can be designed to suit your specific needs.

Sales Training

OnlIne Course

Ideal if you want to enhance your presentation skills whenever suits you. A mix of video, audio, notes and checklists so you can mix and match to suit your learning style.

Better Presentations - More Sales Podcast

Top sales and presenting tips and ideas every Monday!

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Sharpening Your Presenting & Sales Skills

With many people currently working from home furloughed I thought this might be an ideal opportunity to help you ’Sharpen your Presenting & Sales Skills’. Below are a series of 4-5 minute videos free for you to use. No email needed!

Simply click on ‘Watch the Video’ and you’re away. If you find them useful please do let me know.

Sharpening Your Presentation, Sales Pitch, Demo and Webinar Skills

Ep 1- Purpose - why are you presenting?

Ep 2 - People - what are your audience expecting?

Ep 3 - Preparation - from time to equipment

Ep 4 - Planning - content, flow and structure

Ep 5 - PowerPoint - no more 'Death by Powerpoint'!

Ep 6 - Performance - delivering your presentation

Ep.7 - Practice - how to and why you should

Ep 8 - Presenting as a team - roles and rules

Sharpening Your Sales Skills - 4-5 minute videos - watch for free...

Ep 1 - Making Connections

Ep 2 - Building Relationships

Ep 3 - Seizing Opportunities

Ep 4 - Sales Proposals

Ep 5 - Winning the Deal

Ep 6 - Sales Pitch

Ep 7 - Sales Negotiations

Ep 8 - Networking

Top Tip Guides

Download one of my popular and effective Top Tip Guides to help you grow your sales, win more sales pitches and deliver awesome presentations.​

Business People

12 easy to implement
Ideas to help you Grow Sales

Presenters & Speakers

Learn how to Deliver an
Awesome Presentation

Sales Professionals

10 top tips to help you
Win More Sales Pitches